Addressing...What's in a number?

  The Hamilton County GIS Department has been tasked to find and fix preexisting address issues, as well as, assign new addresses throughout Hamilton County (with Soddy-Daisy as an exception).  We undertook this long-term project in partnership with the Hamilton County E-911 District.  The primary reason for any changes will always be personal safety.  Problems we address can manifest in many ways such as a number out of sequence or an odd numbered address on the even side of the road.  Many people think there will be no problem finding them in an emergency, but the truth is, nobody deserves to find out the hard way.

So, the answer to the question is: Peace of mind.

Have we changed your address?

If you've received a change-of-address letter and you're wondering what the ramifications are, then read the following documents.  They should answer any questions you may have concerning the process.  And if they don't, we will.

  Addressing Brochure

                 Regional Addressing Policy-Hamilton County/Chattanooga

                               RAP-Hamilton Co. Resolution   -   RAP-Chattanooga Resolution